Yoga for Beginners – Discover 1 Yoga Trick to a Flat Belly

The first step to doing yoga is deciding that you are serious about doing it. Many people resort to searching for Yoga classes near their places of residence. You don’t have to do this since you already have an Internet connection. There are countless Yoga programs, Online and offline classes and videos readily available for you to start with Yoga, but if you would like to discover 1 yoga trick to a flat belly, you have definitely come to the right place. But first, I would like to share a few important tips that are key to losing belly fat.

10 Yoga Poses You Should Do Every Day

1. Start with Pelvic Tilts

Pelvic Tilts Yoga Pose

A few pelvic tilts will reveal any traces of low back pain and stiffness. All you have to do is keep doing this until the movement feels fluid and good.

2. Cat-Cow Stretches

Cat-Cow Stretches to Warm the Spine

Continue with 10 to 15 cat-cow stretches to warm up the spine.

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3. Downward Facing Dog Is Good for Your Whole Body

Press back into downward facing dog. You can hold the position or pedal the legs, bending one knee and then the other. Bend your knees and reach your butt up high. Then slowly straighten the legs. Take any other movements that help you settle into the pose. When you feel ready, hold the posture for five to ten breaths.

4. Lunge to Stretch Your Hips and Hamstrings

Step your right foot forward next to your right hand, coming into a low lunge. You may want to drop your back knee down to the floor at first for a nice stretch in both hips. Keep the back leg straight if you want to begin to work into your hamstrings, which run along the back side of your thighs.

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5. Straight Leg Lunge

Straight Leg Lunge Yoga Pose

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Straighten the back leg if you have dropped that knee to the floor. Slowly straighten the front leg as you forward bend over that leg. Try to keep the front foot flat on the floor and don’t force the leg to come straight. You can use blocks under your hands if they don’t easily reach the floor when you straighten the front leg.

Repeat on the other side then step back to downward dog. Then step the left foot forward next to the left hand and take your lunges on that side. Come back to a downward dog when you are finished with the left leg.

Important Note: Yoga Poses 6 to 10 to be revealed soon 🙂 

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Important Key Tips to Losing Belly Fat

  • Reduce Your Calorie Consumption

Yoga along with diet control helps to reduce the belly and belly fat. You need to decide how much weight you want to lose. Depending upon your height and weight, first calculate the BMI (Body Mass Index) and then find out the ideal weight. Losing weight and getting rid of belly fat takes some work, and you really need to set a goal to keep an eye on your progress. With the help of your dietician, make sure you plan a low calorie, low fat, high fiber, vegetarian diet.

  • Eat Right

Eat more whole grains instead of refined carbohydrates. Take more fruits and vegetables.

  • Avoid Fatty Foods

Foods rich in saturated fat i.e. full cream milk and dairy products, cheese, butter, ice cream, fried food, molasses, sugar, honey, sweets, glucose, jam, dry fruits, chocolates, candies, potatoes, red meat, chicken with skin, coconut oil, palm oil, pickles, spicy chutneys, vinegar, chilly, pepper, salt, carbonated water.

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  • Eat Good Fats

Studies suggest that a diet with a higher ratio of monounsaturated fats (MUFAs) — such as, nuts, seeds, and soybeans— can prevent the accumulation of belly fat. Take a good look at our six best benefits of monounsaturated fat.

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  • Drink lot of fluid

It is always very important to keep yourself well hydrated with lot of water, fresh fruit and vegetable juices, soups etc., when you are trying to lose belly fat in a healthier way.

  • Physical activity

Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk instead of driving to short destinations. Just stand up and walk 30 steps every 30 minutes. If you have a sedentary job, consider getting a treadmill desk.

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