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What's What Art - Answers to Vista Money Making Method

Welcome to the What’s What Art – Answers to Vista Method of Making Easy Money Online, Fast! Hi there and welcome to my blog. As you have probably already noticed, my name is Peter Mantu and in today’s post, I will be sharing with you two of the most easiest methods  of making easy money Online fast. This is the ONLY post you need to read if you really want to make things come together.


It doesn’t even matter whether you have any experience about making money Online or not since you are going to be literally held by the hand in learning this simple system on how to make easy money Online fast.


Make sure that you have set the next thirty minutes aside, find yourself a nice quiet place to read this post and carry out all the instructions as laid out. By the time you finish reading this post, you will have only one action left to take before you can start making money from this easy simple system. To be honest with you, I teach the same method in the majority of posts I publish on this blog. It always works like a charm!

Are you ready to get started?

Let’s Get the Money Rolling in 4 Easy Steps – These are the real what’s what art – answers to vista method of making easy money Online, fast!

 As I mentioned earlier, you need to carry out the instructions EXACTLY as I have laid them out in order for this work. This will make you understand the method better than you would if you tried to do it on your own. I am nice like that! 🙂

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The method you are about to learn below is what is called “Affiliate Marketing”.

STEP NUMBER 1 – identifying an interest or a passion

Grab yourself a sheet of paper and write down at least two of your best interests. For example, if you are interested in playing a guitar, swimming, basketball, dancing or anything else I have not mentioned here, simply write it down on a piece of paper.

Let’s assume that you are good at playing a piano.

Learn the What's What Art - Answers to Vista Method of Making Easy Money Online Fast - Piano Keyboard

The reason why this method always works if you follow the instructions as I mentioned is because you will be having fun while you also making money Online at the same time. You need to trust me on this, just write down anything you’re passionate about and everything will make perfect sense in just a few minutes. Once you have written down your passion or interest, you are ready to carry on with the next step. This is EXTREMELY easy and you should really be excited as no one has ever helped you make money Online in a manner that I am helping you now.

STEP NUMBER 2 – finding someone’s product to promote or sell OnlineI’ll show you where to find it and how to promote it for FREE!

Now the fun stuff begins. There’s a fantastic website I know where you can find someone’s product that somewhat relates to your passion or interest to promote and earn revenue or a commission which normally ranges between 50% to 75% of the total product cost. Most of these products sell from $17.00 all the way up to $97.00, at least the ones I know of. Imagine if you could sell only 100 of $97.00 products which pays out 75% in commissions. You would have made 100 x $97.00 x 75% = $7,275.00 in commissions straight into your local bank account.

I am not going to waste anymore time, just go straight to ClickBank.com (this link opens in a new tab) and register your FREE account because things are about to get hot in here. 🙂

ClickBank - What's what art of making easy money online fast - Image

This will not take you more than three minutes to do. Once your ClickBank account is set up, visit the ClickBank Marketplace and search for a product that relates to your interest as I previously mentioned above. In this example, we are going to perform a quick search using “piano” as our main keyword and these are the results we get:

ClickBank - What's what art of making easy money online fast - Pianoforall - ImageYou can click the image above to see exactly how I did this. Also make sure that you select a product that has “gravity” greater than 40, that’s how I like to do it anyway. It basically means people are more likely to buy this product compared to any other “piano” related product within the entire ClickBank. One other important thing is to pick products which have an affiliate tools page like the “Dr Drum Beat Maker” just below “Pianoforall” as shown above. I really hope this all makes sense, otherwise; simply leave a comment below if you don’t understand. As soon as you find a product you are happy with, simply click the “promote” button and a new window will pop up. Simply enter your affiliate ID, this is the same as your ClickBank username and click “create” to get your affiliate link. Send potential customers to your affiliate link as shown in the image below – I have indicated below where and how to do this:

ClickBank - What's what art of making easy money online fast - Affiliate Link ID

STEP NUMBER 3 – Building a website in less than 30 seconds to use for product promotion

I know what you’re thinking. But Peter, I don’t know how to build a website, I have never done this before!

Can you point, click and type letters of the alphabet? 🙂

Learn the What's What Art - Answers to Vista Money Making Method - Buiding a Website

Trust me when I say that even a six year old can do this when using our unique community platform I am about to share with you below. This is where everything comes together. Once you join below, you will also learn the easiest ways to get visitors to your website from Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Before you start, always remember the following:

Everything you ever wanted is sitting on the other side of fear – by GEORGE ADDAIR

Are you ready to start making money Online?

Click Here to Join NOW for FREE

The link above will take you to Wealthy Affiliate University, and if you would like to know what they are all about, click on the big red button above.

If you have any problems or questions in setting this up, please leave a comment below and I will promptly respond with a complete and satisfying answer. 🙂

Also, you might want to share this with others who would also like to learn more about what I call the What’s What Art and Answers to the Vista Method of Making Easy Money Online, Fast!

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  • jv

    Hi Peter, many thanks. There is a lot of information here, I am going to go through this carefully and hopefully I shall be able to repeat it at my side. I am very grateful for this text. Jovo

    • Peter Mantu Post author

      Hi Jovo, thanks for stopping by and going through the information I shared with you. I am also glad that you found this helpful and thinking of taking the next step. You are right about carefully going through this, it’s really important that you do it right as it will definitely prove fruitful in the shortest time possible. Do it…it works! 🙂
      Thanks again and all the best to you!

  • Vathiswa

    Hi Peter, you have no idea how much I have looking for something like this. I have gone through this post and fully understand exactly what it is I have to do. I love cooking and trying out new recipes and landing on this post couldn’t have come at a better time. I have already joined WA and hope to see you inside with the rest of the community.

    I going full force on this. Thanks again 🙂

    • Peter Mantu Post author

      Hi there and thank you for leaving such a great comment and also making a great decision to join Wealthy Affiliate University
      Rest assured, you are in good hands and I am here to help with anything, anytime. 🙂 Good luck with your business and I hope this won’t be last time you pay this blog a visit…

  • Debra

    HI Peter,

    Great piece here, and what a detailed wealth of information. I especially found your section on step number 2 – finding someone’s product to promote or sell online informative. You must use click bank a lot 🙂

    • Peter Mantu Post author

      Hi Debra, thank you for paying us a pleasant visit. I thought if I really want to give a helping hand, why not give out as much detailed information as possible. That’s the “What’s what art” way! 🙂