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Email Marketing - What is it - How to do it

What is email marketing and how does it work? Email marketing is definitely an essential tool for all Online marketers and companies looking to keep in close contact with their potential and current customers or audience. In this post, I will do my absolute best to explain what email marketing is and why you should start implementing it in your Online business and marketing efforts. You are welcome to watch the video below to get an understanding of what it’s all about.

What is email marketing and how does it work

What is email marketing and how does it work?

In simple terms, email marketing is a manner in which merchants or advertisers can directly communicate with their current or potential customers through the use of electronic mail. It is by far the most efficient way to stay connected with your potential customers while promoting your business. There is really nothing more to it than what I have just explained. One of my most recommended companies to use for your automated email marketing campaigns is Aweber. Simply click the image above to find out how you can easily start creating automated email messages for your marketing efforts.

Why do you have to do it?

Most Online marketers, especially newbies who don’t really know what it takes to make their first Online sale repeatedly commit the most detrimental error of not using email marketing. If you are not using email marketing for your marketing and advertising campaigns, you might as well leave the Online marketing world. Let me explain what I mean by this.

  • The cost of email marketing is one of the most cheapest way of marketing compared to any other forms of advertising.
  • Whether you do this on your own or through an email marketing agency, marketing to thousands of potential customers will cost you much less than any form of advertising.
  • If you are looking for targeted visitors to your offers or promotions, look no further than using email marketing.
  • The ROI (Return On Investment) from this type of marketing blows any other form of direct advertising out of the water.

How do you do it in an effective manner?

  •  Start by creating a landing page or squeeze page – this is the integral part of your email marketing campaign. The first thing you should keep in mind is making sure that you have some sort of a compelling landing page or squeeze page ready for your potential customers to submit their name and email address.
  • Let the process of completing the opt-in form be as easy and quick as possible.
  • What’s in it for me? This is the one important question your potential customers will ask themselves before giving out their email address.
  • Offer them free lunch…I don’t mean real free lunch but an incentive such as a free report on whatever it is you are planning to advertise or sell to them.
  • Once you capture a potential customer’s details – their name and email address, it’s then that you may start advertising to them in a manner that will drive them towards making a decision to finally make that all important purchase of your product or service.
  • Start by sending out a welcome email that requests your new contact to confirm their subscription. This will ensure that you will send out periodic emails to contacts that are more likely to open them.
  • Timing your emails by individual contact’s location can prove to be the difference between failure and success of your email marketing efforts. Do not send out emails at night, people are sleeping. Send out emails during work hours as this ensures that people are more likely to open and read them during working hours. Most email marketing agencies such as Aweber have a feature that allows you to do the above with a click of a mouse.

Email marketing is one way to enrich business communications and target specific markets while being both cost-effective and environmentally friendly through electronic mail.

Example of a simple landing page or squeeze page

 The following is a fully functional opt-in form that I personally use to help people turn their passion into an Online business. Yes, it’s not only a perfect example of what I explained above but you can actually submit your name and email address below and receive a free guide on how to make money Online for free.


With the help of email marketing companies, email marketing is still the most effective way to not only reach your potential customers but also to stay in close contact with your current buying customers. If you would like to start your very first email marketing campaign, I highly recommend Aweber for all Online marketers.

Aweber Email Marketing Service

Thanks for reading this post, I hope you found valuable information for your marketing efforts. All the best to you. Please leave me some comments and share this with your friends or family below.

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8 thoughts on “What is Email Marketing? Why do it? And How?

  • john

    I have just started with my E-mail list. I just have a pop-up now, I like the idea of your sign up page. I was looking for an autoresponder to send out notifications of new post. Will I be able to do this automatically with Aweber. I did notice that they offered the first month for free.

    • Peter Mantu Post author

      Hi John,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I see you’re wondering if Aweber allows to setup automatic notifications of new posts for your blog…Yes, you can do this. It’s no different from setting up periodic emails to your list. Also, Aweber does offer the first month free. I use Aweber for my email marketing and so far I am happy with their service.

      All the best to you John!

  • Alexey

    Hey there Man, it’s Alexey.
    I read it all TWICE – really helpful content here. Email marketing interests me for quite a bit, but I did not understand what to do with all these opt-in pages and all that. You made that clear – thanks!
    And it is really the best way to earn money online I think…

    • Peter Mantu Post author

      Hi Alexey, it’s really good to see you here mate!

      I am glad you found this article helpful…that’s the whole point my man. Trust me when I say that I have been on the same boat before. I can’t even recall the number times I heard this phrase: “the money is in the list”. All what it means is that you are more likely to make a sale from your list of subscribers than you would from “first time website visitors”. Here is the thing with email marketing – you simply use it to remind your potential customers about a product or service they already showed interest in.

      This to me is pure genius as it makes perfect sense. It’s also a way to estimate your potential earnings from the size of your list. Does this make sense? It should. 🙂

      Thanks a lot for your comment, I can only wish you the best!

  • Stephanie

    Hi Peter, I agree, email marketing is so important for any business. You can turn new readers/customers into repeat ones, and that can be so beneficial. Sometimes I forget how useful EM can be, but this article has reminded me again. Thanks for writing about this!

    • Peter Mantu Post author

      Hi Stephanie,

      Can you believe that most of my posts lead to a squeeze or landing page. As I mentioned, it’s really important to keep in close contact with your subscribers as this can prove to be the best way to create a trusting relationship. Also, try not to immediately sell to your prospects as this has proven to be less efficient. Give before you expect to receive. Offer an incentive during opt-in and also do the same thing in your newsletters or automatic emails. Create a long term relationship if that’s what you want to call it…this is the best way to convert visitors into long term customers.

      Thanks for your comment Stephanie.

      All the best to you!

  • Lynne

    Hi Peter
    Thanks for a great article. I recently started working in my email marketing and I have to say that one thing that I came to realize is that when someone finds my website there is absolutely nothing that I can do to bring them back once they have left if they don’t bother returning themselves… and if I think about it there are so many websites I visit every day and a lot I intend on returning to but I never do.

    If someone signs up for my newsletter I can keep bringing them back to my website countless times and I can sell something to that customer over and over again. I just think it is silly not to do email marketing when you look at it like that!

    • Peter Mantu Post author

      Hi Lynne,

      You have hit the nail in the head when you mentioned how silly it is not to do email marketing. Apart from bringing them back to your website, you can also offer them other products or services related to what you previously advertised to them. This is where the power of email marketing comes in. Considering how affordable it is to do it, I don’t see why all marketers shouldn’t do it.

      I am glad to hear that you have started with yours…great stuff! All the best to you Lynne and thank you so much for your comment. 🙂