Tradeonix Review – Is Russ Horn’s Forex Trading System Legit?

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This Tradeonix review is the only review you need to read in order to find out if Russ Horn’s Forex trading system is legitimate or not. Hi there and welcome to “Success with Peter Mantu”, my name is Peter and I would to give you my own opinion about this revolutionary FX trading system by Russ Horn. If you don’t know what FX trading is all about, this is where you need to be in order to absorb as much information and guidance on trading as possible. 

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My Tradeonix Review

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Tradeonix Review - Russ Horn

Owner: Russ Horn

Rating: 9/10

Launched on: 31st May 2016 (Get it before it’s taken down!)

Who is Russ Horn? Learn more about him in my Tradeonix review

In short, considering him as a Forex genius is simply an understatement. He obviously spends most his time trading, watching trading charts, monitoring economic news and making sure he is on top of his trading game. Russ Horn is the author of “Forex Strategy Master” and has been involved in trading for more than seventeen years. He is still trading Online to this day. His book called Forex Strategy Master was sold out at the time of publishing this post. This is one of the main reasons he created his revolutionary Forex trading product in Tradeonix.

What is Tradeonix all about?

 Tradeonix is a physical product comprising of an instruction training course in DVDs, an extremely useful ‘Marksman Trade Alert’ for serious traders. Included in the product is my most recommended battlefield Trade Manual. You should also expect plenty of cheat sheets, unlimited free access to personal online Russ Horn’s member’s community. Be sure to expect frequent webinars or updates on system and so much more when you purchase this system.

Important Note: Tradeonix product packages are delivered to respective buyers’ addresses.

How much value do you get from purchasing Tradeonix?

You will get the following:

  1. The full, limited-edition Tradeonix to the value of $3,000 delivered straight to your doorstep
  2. Valued at $1,000, unlimited personal access to Russ Horn when you are in the members’ area
  3. Online members area access to the value of $1,000
  4. 24/7 unlimited professional support which includes Skype, Live Chat, Email and Phone to the value of $1,000

All of the above are valued at a total of $6,000. This simply means you will have a total saving of $5,003 when you purchase Tradeonix for $997.00

Apart from a pack of great mentoring tools, this program is more of a signal recognition alert system that is combined with a wide-ranging training component.

These tools included in Tradeonix allow already experienced traders to review their trading moves by correcting their previous mistakes. This will automatically prevent or eliminate errors and fails while assessing the trading market from a whole new perspective.

While catering for newbies, Tradeonix simply lays down a concrete foundation of Forex Trading. This enables the user to easily and constantly earn a profitable income in the early stages while adding more trading knowledge throughout the process.

For consumer protection, make sure you only purchase Tradeonix from their official website address provided below.

For more information on how to buy Tradeonix, visit the official website here:

What I consider as the “Hub of Tradeonix” is located at the arrow panel which looks exactly like the image below.

The Arrow Panel – Hub of Tradeonix – What Does it Mean?

Tradeonix Review - The Arrow Panel

This is one part of Tradeonix that simply caught my eye. I wouldn’t be doing you any justice by this Tradeonix review without explaining what some of its indicators entail.

  • TBL Indicator – Once you begin using the Tradeonix system, you will notice how this will save you ample trading time. It was simply custom made to display a visual representation of a hidden price chart indicator.
  • TBM Indicator – This is the part of the Tradeonix system that simply gives exact instructions for optimum stop loss level. There is more to this little feature which is only available to VIP members of Tradeonix.
  • TBS Indicator – This is specifically custom designed to show accurate trade enrty signals. Not only does it provide this valuable information, but it also provides warnings on non-traceable conditions.
  • The SWITCH – Notice that I have it in capital letters as this is the ONE tool you should NEVER trade without. It is the most accurate and sensitive indicator. I like to call it “the Master Indicator”.
  • The Tradeonix MAXINATOR – I couldn’t publish this Tradeonix review without sharing little information on this amazing tool. Having this switched on is like having the world’s best trader trading on your behalf. Every minute you have it on, it basically just sits there and watches the charts for you. Every trader often forgets to do certain things or simply gets emotional. Not the Tradeonix MAXINATOR, it never forgets nor get emotional. It simply cannot since it’s only a machine. This little guy simply crushes trades.

With over seventeen years of trading experience from Russ Horn, you can expect extensive profit from using Tradeonix. This is regardless of your trading experience since his training allows users to take advantage of his knowledge and apply it firsthand and earn millions from the comfort of their own homes.

What does Russ Horn say about his Tradeonix trading system?

“This clear, step-by-step, easy-to-understand trading system will be broken down into bite-sized chunks of highly actionable information so you can quickly start making money on up to 83% of trades!”

What makes Tradeonix different from other Forex trading guides?

Unlike many other Forex trading guides and programs you might have already come across, Tradeonix does not warranty making millions of dollars overnight. In this Tradeonix review, you will learn why applying what Russ teaches, exactly as he teaches in his product is of paramount importance. This is what will determine whether you are serious about trading Online or not. This is one of the reasons why I published this Tradeonix review.

Tradeonix is a legitimate system that requires a user’s dedication and eagerness to learn new things. This system adopts a logically and cleverly designed and strategic approach to Online trading. A time investment of at least one hour per day is all that is needed in the early stages.

What exactly is this strategic trading approach I am referring to?

Brace yourself for some “fresh” Online trading news that come in the form of a special and proficient indicator included in the package called “‘The Tradeonix Dynamic Positioning Indicator’.

The Tradeonix Dynamic Positioning Indicator is acclaimed to be the fastest, powerful and most targeted indicator worldwide! When it comes to making the most profitable Online trades, “The Tradeonix Dynamic Positioning Indicator” comes in very handy to end users.

What else is included in the strategic trading approach?

As I mentioned earlier, this is the only Tradeonix review you need to read as it contains some of the best trading information Online. Included in the package is what is called “S.A.R.A” which stands for “Signal Automation Recognition Alert”.

What does S.A.R.A – Signal Automation Recognition Alert do?

This sweet little feature simply turns data from the Dynamic Positioning Indicator to rapid profiting media. Russ advices the use of his preferred MetaTrader4 platform which is provided free within the package. As many Online traders would already know, MetaTrader4 platform is simple and easy to use. If you are not familiar with this platform, a tutorial is also included in the package.

Inside the Package: Four-DVD Set Contents

Tradeonix Review - DVD Set

What’s inside DVD One?

DVD one comprises of introductory lessons and sessions that simply lay down the basic concept of Forex Markets and trading. While enhancing the user’s knowledge and understanding of trading, it also helps experienced traders revisit their tactics and foundation of the trading business in general.

What’s inside DVD Two?

DVD two is an in-depth exploration and understanding of Tradeonix system and how it works. This is the part of the training guide where Indicators are discussed in detail. This is done to familiarize user with what indicators are and what they really mean. Not only does it reveal some of the most advanced secrets to good trading, it also reveals when not to trade and how to avoid bad trades. It also highlights and emphasizes the importance of sticking to the current system.

What’s inside DVD Three?

It simply entails a manual presentation of how to customize the program and make it work for users.

What’s inside DVD Four?

This is where things get a little more exciting as DVD four literally takes users to the journey of real live Forex Trading. This is done by exposing a user to live webinars, alternative traders and live trades from Russ Horn himself.

Why Should You Buy Tradeonix?

Apart from the obvious fact that Tradeonix comes with a 60-day money back guarantee and it’s risk free, this system is voted as the number one easy and simple to learn system. This is simply a must-have system for all disappointed Forex traders that have lost their hard earned money in the past. It is also a great system for Trading enthusiasts looking to learn the art of making Online trading the most profitable “work from home” business.

For consumer protection, make sure you only purchase Tradeonix from their official website address provided below.

For more information on how to buy Tradeonix, visit the official website by clicking the button below:

Tradeonix Review - Click Here to Buy

A little message from Russ Horn

“If you have purchased any of my other previous products you may know that I am always about giving my customers real value which is why I only teach time tested techniques that I also use. This is also why I chose to use my face and not that of an actor for this product’s cover because I want to associate with my product and its subsequent reputation”.

Thank you for visiting my website and actually reading my comprehensive Tradeonix review. I wish you all the best with your trading endeavors. Please comment and share this post below.

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