PBN Hosting Review

PBN Hosting Review - How to Build Private Blog Network

If you are looking for the best PBN hosting review, this is the only post across the entire world-wide-web you need to read. You will learn how to build, host and manage a private blog network at a scale, without any footprints. I know this sounds like a bold statement, but wait until you finish reading this.

My In-Depth PBN Hosting Review

Hi there and welcome to my blog. Let me start off by mentioning the sole purpose of this PBN Hosting review. This review will give you a summarized comparison between my recently published review of Easy Blog Networks and PBN.Hosting. These are two companies offering the same product with different features. I came across this new kid (PBN.Hosting) on the block and thought sharing it with you was a great idea. Also, this is going to be one of the shortest reviews I have ever published on a product or service.

Read further below and find out what “PBN.Hosting” is all about.

What is PBN.Hosting?

PBN Hosting Review - Blog Networks Made Easy

 This is another company specifically developed for hosting, managing and building Private Blog Networks. As much as I have not used their services before, I would like to give as much information about them as possible.

PBN.Hosting’s Official Website Address: https://pbn.hosting

Rating: 8/10 (Only because I have never used their service before)

Pricing: See image below for detailed pricing plans

PBN Hosting Review - Build Private Blog Network

What Makes PBN.Hosting Different?

As far as pricing plans are concerned, PBN Hosting seems to be better than Easy Blog Networks. Another service that intrigued me about their hosting app is that PBN Hosting does not use WordPress. Instead, they serve private blog network blogs as static HTML sites. This is something many webmasters will really love them for. I am a WordPress fan and this is the only reason why I chose Easy Blog Networks in the past. You are more than welcome to compare the two and decide which one best suits your needs.

As I mentioned earlier, I have used Easy Blog Networks as my private blog network hosting service before. What I liked most about their platform was the ease of adding and managing my private blog network. The only thing that seems different about PBN Hosting is the fact that they use HTML sites and not WordPress. This the primary feature that PBN.Hosting emphasizes about their service.

If you would like to know more about their hosting service, simply visit their official website by following the link below. I spent a few minutes on their website trying to find out the owners with no success. Nevertheless, you are more than welcome to visit and contact them from their website.

PBN.Hosting’s Official Website Address: https://pbn.hosting

The only thing missing from their hosting solution is a trial plan. There is nothing more satisfying than taking a car for a test drive before deciding to make a purchase. Nevertheless, I still rate PBN Hosting as one of the best private blog network services Online.

Final Verdict

Please note that this only my opinion since I have only been exposed to the actual Easy Blog Networks hosting platform. With that being said, it is pretty obvious that I recommend Easy Blog Networks above PBN Hosting. This is only because I have never experienced any hassles with their app. Also, I only have little understanding of computer jargon. If a platform is easy for me to understand, then I am more likely to use it. The choice is entirely yours to make. Thanks for reading my PBN Hosting review and hope you will make the right choice for your Private Blog Network.

Before making any hasty decisions, make sure to check out PBN.Hosting ‘s website below.

PBN.Hosting’s Official Website Address: https://pbn.hosting

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PBN Hosting Review

PBN Hosting is still rated high as one of the best Private Blog Networks hosting services Online.

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