My secret recipe book leaked to the public? What’s for dinner? 2

Are you tired of having the same boring meals week in and week out?

You really need to forgive me for loving my healthy, delicious meals. 🙂

Consider this one of your lucky days as I reveal to the public, my favorite secret recipe book. Yes, I have been keeping it a secret to my friends for quite a while and now you’re about to get your hands on it. One of my friends actually begged me to write this post. I guess you owe all the thanks to him.

Today I wanted to share with you a little gem I’ve found that has helped me out on a number of occasions when the panic of what to make for our next family meal starts to set in.

It’s called The Paleo Grubs Book, and it’s hands down the number one resource I use on a daily basis to not only make Paleo work, but to make it work more easily. You see, from now on; making your favorite restaurant dishes will be one of your fortes. Trust me on this. I have been able to cook really amazing meals leaving all my friends and family literally begging for my recipes. Little did they know that I had a secret book where I could simply page through and literally pick any recipe with my eyes closed…

Some key features of the book:

Over 470 Recipes – Sure, there are plenty of recipes online for free, but when you want consistent results, you have to trust your source. Detailed pictures and simple steps make all the difference.

What about desserts, are they also included in this secret recipe book?

Let me put your mind at ease, desserts are also included. I honestly wouldn’t have lasted a week on Paleo without a steady stream of waistline friendly desserts. Don’t use willpower, satisfy your cravings for the sweet stuff.

Slow cooker dishes included ?

Crock Pot Recipes Make Paleo Easy – Includes a separate recipe guide full of slow cooker Paleo dishes that puts your success on autopilot. Spend less time cooking and still lose weight and look great.

What if you don’t like following recipe instructions?

Hate following recipe instructions? It’s probably not your fault, but the recipe itself. The instructions in this book are easy to follow, so much so that even I was surprised. And the photos are professionally taken, so they’ll spur you on to create what you see.

In case you haven’t noticed already, The Paleo Grubs Book gets my highest recommendation and if you want to try it out, you will get it instantly, so you can cook up your first recipe tonight while you’re still excited.

One thing I’ve found, this book has actually saved me a lot of money, not only in the form of time, but also because:

– You won’t waste money buying unneeded items at the grocery store.

– You’ll learn how to make your own food from scratch rather than buying pre-packaged items.

– You’ll save yourself from the head trip of having to plan out your meals every day or week.

It’s basically a lifestyle upgrade that takes the Paleo diet from being a confusing and stressful monkey on your back to a simple and easy-to-follow plan that you can use to create the body you’ve always wanted.

I hope you’re as excited about this book as I was when first laid my hands on it. 🙂

Let me not waste anymore of your time, you probably can’t wait to cook your first Paleo dish tonight using my secret recipe book.

My secret recipe book

PS. You might also be interested in a desserts and snacks ONLY recipe book below which I always use in combination with the Paleo Grubs Book.

You will also receive a FREE Copy of 20 Metabolism-Boosting Dessert And Snack Recipes.

The Paleo Recipe Book_When is thanksgiving

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2 thoughts on “My secret recipe book leaked to the public? What’s for dinner?

  • Heather

    Hi Peter,

    Your post, My Secret Recipe Book – What’s for Dinner? is right up my alley!

    I love the Paleo Diet and follow it myself. Never felt better in my life, so I am always on the look-out for new recipes and books on this subject. That there are over 470 recipes included in this book is astounding. Who would ever need another book?

    Thank you so much for this excellent info on this book, Paleo Grubs.


    • Peter Mantu Post author

      Hi Heather, thanks for your lovely comment…I love cooking and obviously enjoy the best meals and the The Paleo Grubs is simply the best recipe book anyone could ever ask for. To be honest with you…about blogging, it’s only now that I became a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate that I started taking it more seriously. I must say that I have doing it for quite some time.

      Thanks again for your comment and I wish you all the best!