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Read this comprehensive Kibly review to learn how to get Amazon product reviews and maximize your profits from selling on Amazon. First and foremost, I would like to give you a clear idea of what Kibly is, and how new Amazon sellers are simply dominating their million dollar competitors to quickly grow their sales to five figures per month.

My In-Depth Kibly Review

Kibly Review - How to get Amazon reviews

What is Kibly and how can it help you get Amazon customer reviews?

Kibly is simply an Amazon sales software designed to drive five star Amazon customer reviews for your Amazon products. Follow the link provided below for more details, otherwise, keep reading for a special treat.

Website Address:

Also see what others are saying about this amazing software below.

Kibly Review - Real Testimonial

If you could be handed a key to outranking your competitors while making insane commissions selling on Amazon, Kibly is what you should focus your attention on. The secret key to getting more sales on Amazon starts with getting quality reviews on great products.

How does the whole process work?

The whole process is really simple and takes roughly three minutes to get it all setup and ready to start working for your business. As you can see from the image below. If you can create a clear communication channel between you and your customers, you will have them tripping all over themselves to ultimately give you glowing five-star reviews for your products.

How Does Kibly Work

It all starts with a great product. The most important aspect to driving more Amazon sales starts with performing a thorough product research. With many Amazon product research tools currently bombarding the Internet world, nothing really compares to what I regard as “the ultimate Amazon product research weapon” called  ASINspector. Go ahead and click the link I have just provided, it will lead you to the most comprehensive review of ASINspector product research tool for Amazon, eBay and Shopify sellers. The link opens in a new tab, you don’t have to worry about getting distracted away from this post.

More on Kibly for Five Star Amazon Customer Reviews

 Getting started with Kibly is really simple and all it takes is three easy steps to create your first campaign.

Step 1

Pick your service tier by choosing from three simple service tiers depending on your average monthly sales. You have absolutely everything to gain from using a 14-day trial with sixty days no hassle guarantee. This simply means you won’t have to pay a cent within your first 14-day trial period.

Step 2

Enter your Amazon account information. You will be walked through the process in case you need help setting this up.

Step 3

Schedule your emails with just a click of mouse. Your Kibly account will come pre-loaded with three done-for-you email templates to help you get started with your Amazon reviews campaigns.

To get a full understanding of how to get Amazon reviews, simply head over to Kibly’s main website here:

Website Address:

I sincerely hope you enjoyed reading this Kibly review and wish you all the success selling on Amazon. Please share this valuable piece of information with any Amazon sellers you might know.

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Best Amazon sales software of all times.

Kibly is simply the best. Getting five star Amazon product reviews has never been this easy before!

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10 thoughts on “Kibly Review – Learn How to Get Amazon Product Reviews

  • Furkan

    It definitely looks amazing but I want to know how much time passes until they make a feed back. It says so fast in pic. However can you give a more specific time like day or 12 hour period?

  • Lynne Huysamen

    Oh this sounds amazing Peter. We all know how hard it is to get feedback and positive reviews for our products. People always eager to leave a negative review when they are peeved off but when a product is good then it is not so easy to get feedback is it?

    So this is automated software that takes care of all the customer service, I can certainly see how that would make sure a huge impact.

    • Peter Mantu Post author

      Hey Lynne,

      You have hit the nail in the head about the difficulty of getting positive reviews. Kibly is just the perfect product for getting amazon reviews. This will definitely make a huge impact on businesses for Amazon sellers. Thanks for your comment, all the best to you.

  • Dustin

    This is very interesting Peter! I’ve been contemplating doing online sales through Amazon for a while now and this seems like it’ll be useful!



    • Peter Mantu Post author

      Hi Dustin, seeing that you are interested in doing Online sales through Amazon, this is definitely something to keep in mind. Thanks for leaving a comment. All the best to you mate.

  • Clark

    Hello Peter, This is amazing! I just heard of this here and I am quite interested in using kibly. There is even a 14 day trial!, I think I would give this a try Peter, I got nothing to lose anyway haha!. Thank you!

    • Peter Mantu Post author

      Hi Clark,

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. I am glad you are interested in Kibly. I think this is one of the most useful tools to get amazon reviews and the fact that there is a 14 day trial is an icing on the cake. Go ahead and give it a try Clark. Thanks again for your comment. All the best to you. 🙂

  • Jeremy

    This seems like a no brainer to help your Amazon business. Asking for reviews on autopilot will be sure to increase your ratings. Asking always helps. In my catering business we if you don’t ask for reviews you will be waiting for a long time to get a lot but when you ask most customers are happy to leave a review. I have a friend with an Amazon business, I will be sure to share this review with him on the Kibly program.

    • Peter Mantu Post author

      Hi Jeremy,

      You are quite right about asking for reviews…almost the same as asking for comments doesn’t it? Yes, be sure to share this Kibly review with your friend, I am pretty sure he will like it. Thanks for your comment, I wish you all the best with your business.

  • prt

    Kibly ask for the Amazon MWS access using the first option “I want to access my own Amazon seller account with MWS”. If you grant access with this option, be careful, you may not be able to disable their access to your Amazon MWS. (unless you regenerate the keys, this may need send request to MWS support). So Kibly doesn’t develop their system in a better practice. And you should be aware of any side effect of granting the access, in a short, they will pretty much have all the information and control to your seller account.