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Learn How to format an eBook for Kindle Publishing on Amazon_Ultimate Guide

Learning how to format an eBook for Kindle is much easier that you think. They say the best way to learn is by following in the footsteps of those who have done it before. Hi there and welcome to my blog, I can promise that you have come to the right place. I have done this before and actually published my own eBook on Amazon before. If you would like to find out about my publication, simply visit the about page on this blog for more details.

Let us get back to the real reason why you are here:

Learning How to Format an eBook for Kindle

Writing Your eBook

I hope I am right in assuming that you have already written an eBook and simply need to get it in the right format before publishing it on Amazon Kindle. If not, worry not as I have already prepared the most comprehensive post on how to write an eBook for free and publish on Amazon. The link to the post is available within this post towards the end. As I mentioned earlier, I have done this before; you therefore have nothing to worry about as far as getting your eBook published is concerned.

What you will need to complete this exercise:

  • Assuming that you already have your eBook manuscript written somewhere, you will need to copy it to Microsoft Word 2003 or higher for proper Kindle formatting. I can’t remember exactly where I learned how to do this, otherwise I would simply provide you with a link to the relevant site.

Learn How to format an eBook for Kindle Publishing on Amazon_Ms Word Image

  • You will most definitely need an Internet connection and I will explain why in the next few minutes.
  • Well, I really don’t know whether I should be mentioning this as having an Amazon account is simply mandatory. 🙂 You want to publish on Amazon Kindle don’t you?
  • Lastly, you will need an Internet browser such as Mozilla Firefox. You are more than welcome to use whichever one you prefer.

Mozilla Firefox - How to format an eBook for Kindle

Getting Started by Pre-Formatting Your Manuscript

 It’s of utmost importance that your initial step before writing is setting up your formatting using the “Styles and Formatting” option available in Microsoft word. You have to do this in order for Kindle to know exactly how you want your eBook to be displayed. Assuming that you already have your manuscript ready, I will now show you how to apply these settings below.


You must have already noticed that I have also used headings and sub-headings in this post to make it easier for you to read and understand. This is exactly what you need to do with your eBook. You don’t want your eBook to simply look like a sea of words.It’s an extremely easy task to include headings and sub-headings in your eBook since Word already have all of this ready for you to use.

Learn How to format an eBook for Kindle Publishing on Amazon_Headings and Sub-Headings

  • It is best to display Chapter Titles formatted as Heading 1 or H1 tag.
  • Display Section Titles formatted as Heading 2 or H2 tag.
  • Display Sub- section Titles formatted as Heading 3 or H3 tag.

I would advise not to temper with the font styles for these tags as they will automatically be converted by Amazon to Kindle readers’ standard eBook fonts once your eBook is published and live. Their default font style is Arial. It’s also important to note that Kindle Fire uses a wide range of font styles for headings and sub-headings other than Arial. Therefore, if you would like to format your heading fonts to match any specific font (Arial, Caecilia, Courier, Georgia, Lucida, Times New Roman, Trebuchet MS or Verdana) used by Kindle Fire, you might need to format your heading fonts as shown below.

Best way to learn How to format an eBook for Kindle Publishing on Amazon_Formatting your Headings and Sub-Headings

I have tried my best to enlarge the different steps above as show with images below.

Formatting font - Step 1

The above image will show up when you click on the small arrow below the “Change Styles” button as shown.

Formatting font - Step 2

This window below is what will show up after you click the “modify button” as shown on step 3 in the image above.

Formatting font - step 4

What I have explained above may be slightly different from what you will experience depending on the version of Word you’ll be using but if you understand this, it should also be easy to do using your installed version of Microsoft Word.


lEARN How to format an eBook for Kindle Publishing on Amazon_setting up paragraph indents

As shown in the image above, simply set this to 1,27. Don’t ask me how I know this, just do it as I have already done all the research for you. 🙂


As I explained with titles and headings above, this is entirely up to you. Simply format your body font as you like. You will have to highlight all your body content font to change this if you already had a manuscript written elsewhere before. Otherwise, simply do this and start writing your eBook. If you need help on how to write an eBook for free and publish on Amazon (link opens in a new tab/window), simply use this link and read one of my previous posts.


This is the last step before you can have your eBook published on Amazon Kindle. It should take you less than three minutes but you need to follow these steps as laid out below. Before you start, make sure that you have saved your eBook in Word. The only thing left to do is save it again as a different format which Kindle accepts. This format is called Filtered HTML.

How to save your eBook in Filtered HTML format in less than three minutes.

Simply go to File, Save as, instead of saving your file as Word format, simply choose “Web page” file format as shown below.

Best Method on How to format an eBook for Kindle Publishing on Amazon_Saving your eBook in filtered html format


To upload your finished eBook, simply head over to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and log in with your Amazon username and password. You will be guided on how to finally have your eBook published and live in less than 24 hours.


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Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of this post before you enter your details below. I would really appreciate it as I am constantly looking to improve the quality of information I share within this blog. 🙂

Thank you for visiting my blog, I truly hope you found value in the information I shared with you on how to format an eBook for Kindle publishing.

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  • Laura

    Hi Peter,
    I never really thought about publishing an e-book until I read this post. It does bring interesting ideas to mind. Thanks for posting about how to upload one.

    • Peter Mantu Post author

      Hi Laura and thank you so much for paying us a visit. I always advise people to put one foot in front of the other…that’s when you’ll notice the distance you’ve covered over a long walk. What I am saying here is this: you want to publish an eBook, just do it…it really doesn’t matter if your first one is not a success, you will learn a lot from it and do better the second time around. I am glad I could be of help to you and others who are also interested in publishing their own eBooks. Have a great weekend and all the best with you eBook.

  • Chris

    Hey Peter,
    I just wanted to ask you if e-books written in google slides can be easily formatted to kindles ? Or must it be written in Microsoft word.
    Also can you sell e-books on both your own website and amazon at the same time ?
    Thanks Chris.

    • Peter Mantu Post author

      Hi Chris, let me start off by thanking you for visiting my blog and actually being active. I must be honest with you though, I haven’t had any experience with Google Slides and therefore wouldn’t want to provide false or misleading information. What I mentioned in this post is exactly what I have had previous and personal experience with. I always believe that anything we want to is already there for us to grab, therefore; a little research on the subject won’t hurt. I will find out and get back to you as soon as I can. I hope this doesn’t stop you from paying us another visit in the future. 🙂

  • Ryan Low

    Hey Peter,

    this is some really information about kindle formatting. This would definitely be useful in the future in case I wanted to write an ebook haha.


    • Peter Mantu Post author

      Hi Ryan, thanks for stopping by. I am glad you have considered bookmarking this site for future reference. Please also share it with your friends and family. 🙂

  • Rebecca


    I must say, I LOVE your pop up add for WA! It actually made me giggle, since, well, I’m looking at your site from WA. I do like the information for formatting an ebook for kindle, but, as I’m not quite at the point to write a book on anything, (I’m still getting enough discipline to blog regularly in between my other work), I can’t say it pulled me in right now, BUT, I do know people who this would apply to and will definitely be sharing your page with them for reference later when they’re ready to publish. Thank you for the information, and I know who I’ll come see if I ever get ready to publish an ebook.


    • Peter Mantu Post author

      Hi Rebecca, it’s great to see someone from Wealthy Affiliate University leaving some positive comments on my blog. I am also pleased to know that you might be interested in writing and publishing your own eBook in the near future. Thanks again for recommending this post to anyone you know. Have a great weekend and good luck with your blogging business.