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Really, how much does it cost to advertise on Facebook or Google? Well, I have decided to share my knowledge of Online advertising, coupled with conducting one of the most in-depth researches with a clear intention of providing the most comprehensive answer to this question. Hi there, my name is Peter Mantu and I am now at your service. If you are here, you are either asking yourself one of these two questions: How much do ads on Google cost? or How much does Facebook advertising cost? There is no need to worry as I have a comprehensive answer for both questions.I would appreciate it if you can leave me your honest comments at the bottom of this page.

On the search network, expect and average cost per click in Google AdWords to be anywhere between $1.00 and $2.00. On the Display Network, expect an average Cost Per Click of anything under $1. Additionally, the most expensive keywords in AdWords and Bing Ads cost $50.00 or more per click.

The cost of advertising on Facebook simply depends on an individual or company budget. You can start a Facebook advertising campaign for as little as $10.00.

Read further for more details.

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Let’s get down to business by first showing you what to expect in case you wanted to see your ad on Facebook. I’ll get to Google advertising in a few minutes. I assume that you already know how ads and where ads are displayed on both Facebook and Google. If not, study the images below to get a feel of what your ads will look like once they are published either on Facebook or Google.

How much does it cost to advertise on Facebook - Ad Placements

How Much Does it Cost to Advertise on Facebook?

Β First and foremost, advertising on Facebook can be done in two different ways:

  • Free Method of Advertising on Facebook

As it’s always the case with any type of free advertising, this is the most tedious way of getting your word out. If you have a service or product that you want accessed in the shortest time possible, this is not the way to do it as it will take ages before people get to know about it. Don’t get me wrong here, this method still works if you are only starting out with whatever business or advertising you are interested in.

Free advertising on Facebook involves posting links on groups, requesting “LIKES” on your Facebook personal or business pages from friends while hoping that they will share your posts with their friends. This method of advertising is an extremely broad, non-targeted way of getting potential prospects. The main reason most Facebook pages would want someone to “LIKE” their page is credibility. People tend to “LIKE” what most people already like. I don’t. I simply like to get things done effectively, as fast as I possible can.

  • Paid Method of Advertising on Facebook

Β If you are interested in paid Facebook advertising, then the following piece of information is meant for you. But first, here is a little interesting fact you should also know about concerning Facebook. At the time of writing this post, confirms that Facebook has over one billion (over 1,000 000 000 Facebook accounts) active users. If you somehow fail to comprehend what these figures mean, perhaps you should think about what a million looks like, then multiply that by a thousand. If this is still a difficult task for you, then I assume imagining a group of one thousand people should be easy enough…except you will have to multiply that by one million to get to one billion.

How Much Does it Cost to Advertise on Facebook or Google - Statista Stats

Now that we have this interesting fact out of the way, I thought I should also mention that the actual figure is approximately one and a half billion active Facebook users (1,500 000 000 in digits). That is another five hundred million active users. You have to excuse me guys, I am pretty sure that there are people who simply didn’t know about all this. The only reason why I am emphasizing this is to give people a clear picture of the possibilities that lie within Facebook advertising. Nothing stops you from advertising to everyone on Facebook, if you can afford it. Which brings me to the juicy part of this topic on Facebook advertising costs.

There is a lot of factors involved in this whole Facebook advertising process, but the most basic factor is the bidding methods. Before I get into the bidding process and how it works, you should know that Facebook now allows advertisers to set a maximum budget they are comfortable with at the time of creating an advertising campaign. I am sure everybody would really like this feature as we all have wallets of different sizes and shapes, and pockets of different depths too. Before this feature was introduced, your ads would run continuously until you decide to manually stop or cancel them.

How much does it cost to advertise on Facebook - Spending Options

Imagine leaving an ad to run continuously for a whole month only to be presented with a nice Facebook advertising bill of twenty thousand dollars or more. What would you do if this happened? I bet you would instantly despise this amazingly beautiful social media platform called Facebook and start calling it names like “The Big Blue Cash Sucking Machine”. So, let us all be glad that we can now control our budget when creating advertising campaigns on Facebook.

Two Types of Bidding methods Involved in Facebook Advertising:

  • CPC – Cost per Click

How much does it cost to advertise on Facebook - Cost per Click

Cost per click method of bidding generally ranges from $0.5 (fifty cents) to $5.00 (five dollars) per click. This is my most recommended method of bidding for a simple reason that I only pay when someone actually clicks on my ad. There are techniques involved where you can literally take this down to pennies where you end up paying $0.02 (two cents) to $0.04 (four cents) per click. Yes, two to four cents per click is what you can end up paying for your clicked ads and I will explain how this can be achieved in a few minutes. I have done this before, so I know what I am talking about here.

  • CPM – Cost per Thousand Impressions

How much does it cost to advertise on Facebook - CPM

In this type of bidding you will pay whatever Facebook suggests for your type of business every time your ad is shown to one thousand people. Notice that I said “type of business” as this differs from one business type to the next. Do you need more explanation on this? I think you do and what I mean by this is that Facebook charges big retail stores like Best Buy or Target a higher advertising cost than they would charge an average food company. Local businesses are also charged a higher advertising cost since they are obviously more targeted due a less broad audience, which simply means Facebook expects them to make a reasonable Return on Investment with their ad campaigns.

With CPM, you will be charged according to the suggested bid once your ad has been seen by one thousand people regardless of whether a person clicked on your advertisement or not. As long as one thousand people saw your ad, you will pay. This is what CPM is all about. I know what you are thinking…you don’t like this type of bidding. Hang on a second here, I said earlier that I was going to reveal to you how to end up paying two cents to four cents per click. This is how you should do it and it’s actually easier than you think.

How to Lower Your Cost per Click for Your Facebook Advertising Campaigns

This is the same method used by thousands of people across the globe to make thousands of dollars Online using Facebook ads. These people are able to send an avalanche of targeted traffic to their websites using some of the most cutting-edge Facebook advertising insights and techniques only known to a select few.

Remember the following paragraph and make sure you fully understand what I share:

Referring back to bidding methods above, you will notice from the images provided that the initial suggested Cost per Click is lower than the suggested Cost per Thousand Impressions. This is the main thing that misleads many advertisers into making an error of selecting the “Cost per Click” as their final bidding choice, an error I am about to explain in detail below.

Unless you know that your product or service is already selling like hot cakes elsewhere, always start your Facebook advertising campaigns using CPM (Cost per Thousand Impressions) as your initial bidding method. This is one way of checking if a large group of people is really interested in your product or not. Also, this is another way of checking to see whether your product can actually generate a sale even before Facebook charges you for receiving a thousand impressions.

As soon as you notice a considerable amount of clicks on your ad which will increase your “click through rate” (CTR of 0.13), flip the switch and start bidding using Cost per Click. Again, using the “optimized for clicks” image above, you will notice that the initial suggested cost per click bid is $0.19 to $0.43. Once the switch is made from CPM to CPC, you will now have your Facebook ad running for pennies like two cents while you rake in the cash. Try this for yourself and see how it works.

Also remember to use compelling images related to your ad. An image contributes more that sixty percent (60%) of your ad campaign’s success or failure. I really hope this helped as far as Facebook advertising cost is concerned. To answer your question about how much is costs to advertise on Facebook, it costs as much as you can afford. If you can afford to test the waters with a twenty dollar ($20.00) budget, feel free to do so.

How Much Does it Cost to Advertise on Google?

How much does it cost to advertise on Google - Ad Placements

Pardon me if I am wrong, but the real reason we all build websites and blogs is to provide information and services to a larger, broader Online audience than we normally would if we were only focusing on an offline audience. I want to help you as much as I have also been helped by others who provided me with the same service and information I needed, at the time when I needed it the most. Please excuse me for a moment, there is a valid point in what I am trying to say here. Would you like your services, products or information to reach a large audience in the fastest way possible? If your answer is Yes, then I have good news for you. All you need to do to achieve this is ask yourself the following question:

How can I provide quality value at a larger quantity in the shortest time possible?

If you can have a concrete answer to the question above, then you are destined to succeed with everything you touch. Enough preaching Peter, are you going to tell us how much it costs to advertise on Google or what? Yes, let’s do this!

How much do ads on Google cost?

If you already have a website that needs free Google traffic, then learning the ins and outs of how to rank easily in 2016 and beyond using Project Supremacy is what you need to focus your attention on. Otherwise, you can read further on Google advertising costs.

The shortest answer to this question is this: The actual cost for placing your ads in the Google search network depends largely on industry and category related keywords which average between $1.00 (one dollar) and $2.00 (two dollars). Explaining what I mean by the above is another answer which is a little bit longer than the one I have provided before. Keywords are words or phrases that people type in search engines such as Google when looking for answers. You might want to do a bit of keyword research before starting your Google advertising campaign.

If you didn’t know, the most expensive category in Google ad placements is insurance which costs $54.21 (fifty four dollars and twenty one cents) per click, followed by mortgage at $47.12 (forty seven dollars and twelve cents) per click, then comes loans at $44.28 (forty four dollars and twenty eight cents) per click.

More details on different categories can be found at

I know that the above might scare you away from creating an AdWords campaign but it really shouldn’t as most search terms will not cost you anything close the figures I mentioned above. Also, as with Facebook ads;Β  a well and carefully built campaign will elicit high click through rates resulting in a much lower cost per click. Details on how you can automatically generate highly targeted, profitable AdWords campaigns with low cost per click can be found below:

How much does it cost to advertise on Google - PPC Keyword Tool

How much does it cost to advertise on Facebook or Google? I would like to believe I have answered this question to the best of my potential and also hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed composing and publishing it. I wish you all the best with your businesses and would love to hear your comments below.

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18 thoughts on “How Much Does it Cost to Advertise on Facebook or Google?

  • Christian

    Hey Peter, I’ve recently been thinking about advertising on either Facebook or Google or maybe even both so this information is extremely useful for me. Do you have a detailed article on how to build a campaign for either one of these. I’m tempted to try but right now I’m afraid I would be throwing good money after bad.

    • Peter Mantu Post author

      Hi Christian,

      It’s great to see you again. I must say that you just gave me an idea for another blog posts on how to build an advertising campaign for both Facebook and Google. With that being said, I don’t have an a post on the subject yet but I can guarantee that you will find useful results if you do quick search on Google. I just did and I was impressed with the results I got.

      The only advise I can give you is to try Facebook ads as you can even test the waters with as little as $10. I have done this before and I managed to get a Facebook page from zero fans all the way to over three thousand fans…I did this on one of my Facebook pages on Dog Training. πŸ™‚

      I hope this helps and I would also like to thank you for your comment. All the best to you Christian.

  • Sara

    Hi Peter,
    Quite an explanation! Wow, It is really expensive to start an advertising campaign. It’s okay if we can get good result. But how sadly and devastating if we invest a good amount of money on advertising and the result is not as expected. So advertisement in this case is just an enhancer or alternative way to sell products. Seems CPC or CPM is one of good advertising ways, the price is reasonable and if they don’t buy our product at least they get to know our products.

    • Peter Mantu Post author

      Hi Sara,

      I had to explain this as best as I can. As a matter of fact, I feel like there are things I should have shared but if this does the job then I am glad. The thing with advertising is making sure that you know your target market and advertising quality products and services that already in high demand. I can almost guarantee that you will get a good ROI if you stick to this. Also, split-testing is another way of making sure that your advertising efforts pay off in the end.

      There are other ways to do this with a small budget, you just have to know what you are doing in this case. I personally prefer to boost my posts with dead-cheap fast traffic. You might want to do the same. Thanks again for your comment, all the best with your business Sara.

  • Vicky

    Thanks for this very in dept explanation about Facebook and Google advertising.
    I`ve played around with this myself and the one thing that I find important is to know what converts. What keywords, what content on your site and so on… Knowing what converts and what makes you money already, is good to know before starting.

    Great advice and thanks for sharing!


    • Peter Mantu Post author

      Hi Vicky,

      Thanks for stopping by. You are quite right about knowing what converts but that is easy if you know what you are doing. I can tell you straight away that the best products that convert are the ones being bought already or simply the ones in high demand. Most people make it hard for themselves to make their first dollar Online by promoting or selling something that people are simply not interested in. Please don’t get me wrong as it’s also possible to get lucky with a completely new product. Of course this takes some trial and error, testing what works and what doesn’t. You have hit the nail in the head with your comment Vicky. All the best to you.

  • Emily

    hi Peter
    I was interested to see what you would have to say about Facebook ads as I have done quite a few over the past months. And yes it can add up in cost. But I did not know or had never noticed the option of CPC or CPM. Now I am thinking that I really need to check it out! As it seems like it could be less expensive. Don’t get me wrong, the ads I have placed to promote my page have worked well. One of them is ending today and I probably got like 2000 likes out of it (in 5 days, 20$). Which is significant to me. But if I can get the same results for less, then I am all for it!

    • Peter Mantu Post author

      Hi Emily, I have to be honest with you here…How was it possible not to notice the bidding options when creating your Facebook ads? Also, I am totally shocked at how well your campaigns have worked on your pages. How did you manage to get results like these? Two thousand LIKES in five days, for only TWENTY dollars? I think we should do a bit of math here, this is just impressive:

      $20 divided by 2000 LIKES = $0.01 (One cent) per LIKE. Do you realize that you can’t expect to get anything cheaper than this? Honestly, I don’t know how you achieved this without any knowledge of the option of doing CPC or CPM. You must be good at this. Come on Emily, share your secret sauce with us? I would like to have some. πŸ™‚ Thanks for you comment Emily, and I wish you all the best with your business.

  • Melody

    Thanks Peter! That was very helpful. I am a new blogger and have looked into advertising on Facebook and Google several times but I have never really understood how it works. You have given me a much clearer picture and made it sound much cheaper then I initially thought.

    My question for you today is when should a person consider Facebook and Google advertising. Should they have at least a little organic traffic or can it beneficial to even the newest business?

    • Peter Mantu Post author

      Hi Melody,

      I really think deciding to make an advertisement comes from knowing why you want to advertise in the first place, the real purpose of your ad. What do you intend to accomplish from your ad? That’s all you need to know and what I mean by this has everything to do with the outcome of your ad. Is it just traffic you are after? What action would you like your visitors to take once they reach your website from your ad? Start there and work backwards and everything will become more clear about your reasons for wanting to advertise. One example would be: Advertising to collect email addresses we call leads. Then promoting related products to your email list…I hope this makes sense. πŸ™‚ All the best Melody. If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to shoot!

  • Lynne

    Hi Peter, geez thanks for all this information on advertising with Facebook and with Google. I have always wondered exactly how it works for advertise on Facebook. Are you going to share any more advertising tips, like for example Twitter and Bing?

    • Peter Mantu Post author

      Hi Lynne,

      It’s strange that you ask about advertising on Twitter and Bing when I am actually in the process of researching more on Twitter ads. I will soon be attending a Twitter ads Webinar and once I have absorbed as much information as I can, you will definitely hear about it here on this blog. I am actually excited about it and trust me, you’ll be one of the first to know about it. Thanks again for commenting and I wish you all the best with your business.

  • Hannah

    Hey Peter!

    This is such an interesting article. I now know a lot more about how Facebook Ads and Google Adwords work, which is something I have been trying to understand for a while now.

    I am really considering doing my first advertising campaign soon. I will go with Facebook as that is all I feel I can afford now. Although I’m not certain about that as my niche’s CPC is very low in Adwords, I mean pennies! I will do the maths (if I can work out how) and take it from there..

    What would you suggest for my first time advertising campaign?

    • Peter Mantu Post author

      Hi Hannah, it’s such a pleasure to see you again on this blog. I am also glad that I have been of help in making you understand this whole Google and Facebook advertising process. I hear you say your niche’s Cost per Click is very low on Adwords and I am happy for you. You are paying pennies? That is something we would all love to do. I would suggest that you stick to what works better for you. If you are getting a good “Return on Investment (ROI)” from using Adwords then I don’t see why you would want to change to Facebook. The whole point of advertising is…you guessed! Thanks for your comment Hannah and I wish you all the best. πŸ™‚

  • fyre

    People ask me questions about facebook ads all the time. I’ve read a few tutorials so I could help them better but I’m bookmarking this page for myself and others right now! This is the most comprehensive guide I have read thus far.

    I’ve been thinking of running a few test campaigns with Facebook. I think I will be using the cost per click method. You definitely made a great case for it being the more effective option. I’m so glad you wrote about using images in our ads. I never click on something that doesn’t have an image. Including people’s profiles! My own Mother 2 years later still doesn’t have a profile image on her FB page! Ha, well, in her defense she is not concerned with her online presence *grin.*

    The google ads are beyond my reach (for now) but, thank you so much for the in-depth look at it all. Again, this not only helps me but, it helps me help others as well. Great work my friend!

    • Peter Mantu Post author

      Hi Fyre,

      Good to see you here…and thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Please make sure that you test the “flip the switch” technique I suggested when making your bidding choice. I am glad you found this piece of information helpful. Oh, it’s only now that I noticed that you want to bookmark this post. Please, go ahead and do that! Thanks for your comment Fyre and I wish you only the best things in life.

  • Peter

    Great info and breakdown of prices. You have made it really easy for people interested in advertising with these giants of the industry. Not only this but just having FB boost or promote your website or posts is astronomical high in price. People need to generate their own traffic. Your website is the bomb!

    • Peter Mantu Post author

      Hey Peter,

      Your name reminds me of someone I know very well. πŸ˜‰ I always say that without traffic, you might as well stop trying to do whatever it is you are doing Online. I am glad you are here…it shows that I am getting traffic since my main intention is to help people find information and success Online. Thank you very much for your lovely comment Peter, I wish you all the best!