Are You Making this Critical “Make Money Working From Home” Mistake?

The Most Critical Information About You

I know, many people still make this critical mistake in an attempt to make money working from home. Really? Many of you reading this post should really take what you are about to learn here VERY seriously. Your future simply depends on it.

My number one rule of success:

“I have become successful when I have positively contributed towards every other person’s success” – you can quote me on that…

I also know that some if not many of you are specialists in your own respective areas of expertise but wait until you hear this joke about specialists by Phil Gosling – you’ll get to know him in a minute:

“A specialist studies more and more about less and less until he eventually knows everything there is to know about nothing at all”.

I am going to leave you to think and laugh about what I just said above… 🙂 If you don’t understand it, never mind it’ll all make sense in a few minutes.

Okay, this is one question I have been constantly hearing from many people who visited this blog:

Is it really possible to make money working from home?

I thought the best thing to do is write this post which should best serve to attempt in explaining how this whole process works. Yes, it’s a process…the whole world is a process-based model. Why do I say this? In order to receive, you must give…simply give valuable service to the people and all your goals will be met and all your dreams will become realities. You’ll learn more about this as you continue reading…

How am I serving you? I think we both know the answer to that question since you’re already reading this post which really took a lot of my time to compose. 😉 Don’t worry, I love doing this! It literally took me ten hours to compose this post before I finally decided to click the ‘publish’ button. We all love different things and we all have our different passions. This is one of the many that I have. 🙂

Make sure you read this post about The Most Profitable Home Based Business Opportunity (link opens in a new tab) immediately after you finish reading here.

Below is what should be a simple example that explains what I mean by the above – being of service:

I hope I am right to assume that we all know that making a bicycle frame requires steel tubing, right? See image below:


Oops, why aren’t you seeing an image of a bicycle frame? 

I know what you’re thinking, what does a volcano have to do with making a bicycle frame? In case you didn’t know, the earth’s makeup consists of iron and carbon, which happen to be the two main constituents of steel. How is steel made? To the best of my knowledge, steel is made by adding amounts of carbon and oxygen to boiling iron under intense heat and pressure. Air contains 20% oxygen, and water contains nearly as much again. Now, did you know that all these are freely available in your friendly neighborhood volcano. There is still one main question which stands though: 

Have you ever seen a volcano throw out a fully formed bicycle frame?

The answer is No. Man first had to think, visualize, believe and most importantly take ACTION to make his dream of making a bicycle come true and become a SUCCESS.

With that being said, I would strongly encourage you to check out the following:

  • The Amazing You which teaches “the Incredible Real-Life Science Behind the Science of Success, and How to Make it Work for You”

Success Engineering - make money working from home

make money working from home

Hi there, and welcome to my blog, I hope you are feeling fantastic today. 🙂 

If you are looking for a short answer to question above, you should perhaps ask yourself why you think it’s impossible to make money at home, or anywhere else for that matter. If you think making money is about finding a job, then you have really been holding the wrong end of the stick for a very long time. No, please don’t get me wrong here…finding a job is simply another way of making money, in fact; it’s the worst method compared to what I am about to share with you.

Don’t panic, just brace yourself to a moment where you’re about to learn something new, exciting and life-transforming about the most important steps in making money, achieving goals and living the life you have long desired. 

What do you REALLY want?

 This may seem like a simple question to answer. You’ll be amazed once you learn just how many people find it as the most difficult question to answer. They hesitate or pause for a moment before answering a simple question about what it truly is they want in their own lives.  Maybe we should play a little game which I personally learned when I was studying the “the amazing you”, just to see if you’re not one of them. Ready? Let’s go…

It’s of utmost importance that you do this, therefore you must get a pen and paper NOW before you continue reading. Don’t continue reading further if you have not done this. I am trying to help you here… 🙂

Now, I am going to ask you a question and you must write down the answer as fast as you possibly can.

 “What is your number one goal?”

 Do not read further before you have your answer written down.

Now, Phil Gosling’s checklist goes something like this:

  1. If you hesitated, hemmed, hawed or did any sort of thinking before putting pen to paper just as fast as you would have if you were asked to write down your name, you are immediately out of the game. You may continue reading to find out why…
  2. What was the first word you wrote? If the first word you wrote was “to” – for example: “to have a car”, then you are out of the game too. There is only one word that should be written: “I”. If your statement started with “I”, you are still in the game.
  3. If you reached this far, I give you thumbs up. What was the second word you wrote and which tense did you write it in? Phil explains that your second word in this instance is either in future tense (“I will”) or in present tense (“I have”, “I drive” or “I own”). He carries on and adds that if your second word was in the present tense, you are still in the game, if not, like saying “I will be”, then you too are unfortunately out of the game. Let me remind you that this post was supposed to inform you about the most critical “make money working from home” mistake. Do you think it’s actually serving the purpose? I know by now you’re deep in this game you’re actually beginning to enjoy it. Let me not kill the mood. Let’s carry on…
  4. At this point, he adds that you must have answered the question without hesitation, your first word was “I” and the whole sentence was in present tense as if the goal had already been achieved. Did you have any completion date on the goal, such as “by the 29th of March” or “in the next 3 months”? If you did, sorry you are out of the game. No dates are allowed, they are only allowed in certain circumstances.
  5. This is simply my favorite – he then mentions that if you have made it this far, there is a tiny possibility that you are the first in ten thousand or are simply kidding yourself. Was this goal a financial goal? Did you want to be millionaire? Yes? You too are out…”money is not a goal but simply looks like it”, says Phil . You have the greatest power to have lots of money, you simply have to think about it a little more deeply.

Use the “Success Engineering” concepts by Phil Gosling, and the income you now take pleasure in, the way of living you currently have, the car you drive, is NOTHING in contrast to what you could have if you understood how the science of ‘success’ truly worked.

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading this post and playing this interesting game with me. I must add though, if you would really like to find out exactly how to get 100% of the above answers correct, then getting your hands on Phil’s “Success Engineering” book is the best thing in all your past years of existence you can do for yourself NOW.

As I mentioned earlier, your future depends on it.

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Most critical “make money working from home” mistake!

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