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Success with Peter MantuBorn, raised and based in the beautiful country of South Africa, Peter Mantu has worked in many projects as Structural Engineering technician. I know, this has absolutely nothing to do with blogging and building websites. By the way, everything you see within this blog was all created by Peter, including all published content you might find herein. Believe that!

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Peter Mantu’s Offline Work

Some of His Local Work in South Africa

His local work included working on major projects such as the Moses Mabhida stadium in Durban (South Africa), the New Soccer City stadium in Johannesburg (South Africa) and the Ellis Park stadium in Johannesburg for companies including BKS and PDNA.

Some His Work Abroad – Working in Seychelles

His work abroad included working on projects such as the Oliaji Trade Centre Phase II, the Residential Development on Parcel V5300 at Bel Eau in Mahe and the Proposed Swimming Pool Block and Main Villa in Barbarons-Mahe, for the Department of the Presidents Affairs-ABU DHABI Engineering sector (Seychelles) for Joe Pool Associates.

Peter Mantu’s Online Work

Seeking more opportunities to help others achieve their dreams, he went for the obvious channel of joining the Internet world after realizing how powerful the Online University can become. He decided to brand himself Online, hence the birth of this blog which he designed himself. How did he do this? Read further below and learn how you can do everything you want to do, if you literally put your mind to it.

He decided to create his own personal blog called Success with Peter Mantu as a medium of reaching out to as many people as he could in helping them achieve their dreams of success.

He has also published the following titles on Amazon:  Breaking the Maverick Code , Selling on Amazon  and Revealing a Giant Secret in 37 Minutes which are all readily available on Amazon worldwide.

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Breaking the Maverick Code by Peter Mantu

How to sell on Amazon from China, Alibaba, Aliexpress or outside the US

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“Everything you ever wanted is sitting on the other side of fear”

“It’s not what a man knows that hurts him, it’s what he knows that just isn’t true

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